Drive Now Pay Later

Drive Now Pay Later

Opportunity to own a car and repay via regular monthly instalments over a period not exceeding 60 months (without bank financing), if you're a salaried worker in Ghana (Public or Private Sector) - Purely Seller-Financed, where you get the vehicle from us and you make pre-agreed monthly repayments to us directly with no intermediary.



You simply complete an online form at no upfront fee, providing proof of permanent employment in Ghana, either in the public or private sector, earning a net minimum regular monthly salary above GHS3,000.
Simply choose a car. We will arrange a detailed inspection. Based on that you can decide whether you want the car. We then buy it (if not already in custody), register it and deliver it to you.
You can choose either a Brand New or Used Vehicle - It depends on your current salary or income levels and your ability to repay.
The maximum car value you can acquire with us is - 50% of your current monthly net salary or income times 60.
By virtue of how we operate, we don't provide specific car details until prospective buyer has freely pre-qualified by completing our NO UPFRONT FEE Car Purchase Service - No room for pre-application talkshop!!
Free Returns
If you simply don’t like the car, you can return it to us within 7 days of receiving it. Glostar Motors Ghana, therefore, always assumes all risks connected with the vehicle. And if you simply don’t like the car, you can return it to us up to 7 days after receiving it.
Safe Purchase
We carefully inspect each car and guarantee it is in good condition before the purchase. Glostar Motors Ghana is the safest way of buying a new or used car. Before each purchase we first of all carefully examine the chosen car and you then decide on the basis of its current condition and our recommendation.
You always sign the contract with Glostar Motors Ghana, so all guarantees are provided by us - you only need to buy the car, risk-free - no upfront fee or financial commitment.
Prolong Repayment Options
You can only benefit from longer vehicle financing repayment option if you're an existing homebuyer with any of our corporate siblings:
Your vehicle financing can be capitalized onto your existing home financing repayment period into a combined value for monthly repayment - For example, if you have up to 20 years repayment remaining on your existing home financing with our sister companies, we can add the value of the vehicle to that of the outstanding home loan for repayment up to 20yrs and not 5 years as may be applicable to standalone vehicle financing.
Not that, the Total Debt Service Ratio of your combined vehicle and housing financing cannot be more than 50%.
Our Drive Now Pay Later service is strictly for Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector) or Registered Business Owner with verifiable regular net monthly salary or income above GHS3,000. To demonstrate that you meet our requirements, you must meet the following...

- Valid Email Address

- Valid Phone Number [This number must be fully registered or re-registered with a valid Ghana Card - Note that we don't collect your Ghana Card details].

- Most recent 6 months payslip [you may block out your social security number on it]

- Most recent 12 months contiguous SSNIT Statement [you may block out your social security number].
Simply complete our free online form here. No Upfront Fee Required.
Using this platform constitutes acceptance of the terms, rules and conditions that govern our operations - So if you disagree with any of them in part or in whole, please don't use our services. Legal & Compliance provided by TLA Firm & Ghanaian Partners.

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