Request a Callback

Request a Callback

Our official phone numbers have been configured for relevant outbound calls only. Almost all the information you need to use any of our services have already been provided on our website.

If we need to speak with you, we will only call you from any of The DCANS Contact Centre Phone Numbers:





Kindly take note that, callbacks are only scheduled for existing customers as well as prospective customers with existing signup applications before us. Alternative to requesting a callback is using our contact form to send us an email.

Note that, The DCANS Contact Centre Phone Numbers, used by all subsidiaries and/or divisions of The DCANS Group Limited in Ghana, are configured for outbound relevant phone calls only - does not receive incoming phone calls. You can always request a callback and we will call you back at no cost to you.


The DCANS Contact Centre Phone Numbers above are fully-registered in the name of the founder (director/shareholder), in line with SIM Registration Laws in Ghana, but not necessarily held by him but dedicated for business use of The DCANS Group Limited only. All communications (including phonecalls on all the phone numbers are monitored and/or stored, in line with applicable privacy laws).


All fraudulent and spammy messages (including those useless lottery messages) to any of contact centre phone numbers will automatically be deleted and senders automatically blacklisted and blocked across all platforms of The TDG Ecosystem.


We will NEVER ask you to make any upfront payment to use our services. If you disagree with how we operate, please don't use our services.


You may use the form below to request a callback...

Using this platform constitutes acceptance of the terms, rules and conditions that govern our operations - So if you disagree with any of them in part or in whole, please don't use our services. Legal & Compliance provided by TLA Firm & Ghanaian Partners.

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