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Glostar Motors is a disruptive platform looking to change how brand new and pre-owned cars are bought and sold in the auto industry. Driven by data, technology and innovation, we formalize the brand new and pre-owned cars industry, offering a wide catalog of guaranteed and certified cars in a safe environment at no upfront fees.

Glostar Motors was born with the idea of committing to solve the inefficiencies of the fragmented brand new and used cars market. We drive our mission through our e-commerce platform, app complements, and in-house physical locations and/or partner stores around the world, while also providing after sales services and direct financing options for our customers.

Glostar Motors is driven by the mission of correcting the vulnerabilities that cause risks and frauds in the transactions of the car market and by providing access to financing opportunities.



Glostar Motors invests in quality inventory in line with the long-term investments strategies of The DCANS Group Limited (Glostar Motors Corporate Parent).



Glostar Motors is self-funded via intra-group and inter-company lending and/or investment channels of The DCANS Group Limited, and never reliant on traditional bank or external financing. Neither do we depend on upfront fees or retail deposits and/or investments.



The DCANS Group Limited operates in Ghana as/via DCANS Investments Ghana (registered in Ghana with Registration Number: 434732013).

Glostar Motors Ghana is a body corporate - can sue and be sued. We demonstrate our litigation-readiness via dedicated legal reserves via TLA Firm & Ghanaian Partners.

Using this platform constitutes acceptance of the terms, rules and conditions that govern our operations - So if you disagree with any of them in part or in whole, please don't use our services. Legal & Compliance provided by TLA Firm & Ghanaian Partners.

© 2023 Glostar Motors Ghana / UK / Europe, is a well-capitalised Online-First One-Stop Automobile Platform targetted at Salaried Workers (Public or Private Sector), Registered Business Owners, Professional Driver's with Valid Driver's Licence at No Upfront Fees..

Glostar Motors Ghana / UK / Europe, affiliated to all businesses and companies of the TDG Ecosystem are all part of The DCANS Group Limited, registered in England & Wales (CRN: 12645872, VAT #: GB 157 9161 82), but dual-headquartered in Ghana & the UK.

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