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Thinking of engaging in lucrative commercial transport services, be it a Taxi, Uber, Bolt, Yango, and some others but cannot not do so because you do not have the vehicle to start the business? By virtue of our target user groups (Salaried Workers, Registered Business Owners), you're expected to be able to speak, read, write and understand basic english to follow basic service use instructions to apply FREELY WITHOUT ANY UPFRONT FEE OR DOWN-PAYMENT.


It is a mandatory requirement for all drivers to be able to read and write in order to procure a valid driver's licence, so it's not an excuse that you can't read or write to understand the basics of our Work & Pay Programme - If you can't read and understand basic english or cannot seek independent financial and/or legal advice from a qualified professional before using our services, then you don't qualify to use our services. 



It's a contractual relationship between a driver (You) and the owner of a car (Glostar Motors). In this arrangement, the driver agrees to pay a stated amount as an initial deposit when taking the vehicle (not upfront at application stage) before paying up the balance subsequently over an agreed time (following the payment schedule. It could be daily, weekly, or even monthly).

We offer qualified prospective commercial vehicle owners the NO UPFRONT FEE option you can use to work and pay in installment.
To qualify for this service, you must be permanently resident anywhere in the Greater Accra Region and Koforidua & Environs. However, you can use the vehicle anywhere in Ghana, so long as you can make it available for weekly or fortnightly physical inspection.
Weekly repayment amount for Saloon Cars is a minimum of GHS500. However, minimum repayment for vans and buses are GHS1,000 and GHS3,000 respectively.
Our Work & Pay Service can only be used for commercial purposes only and not private use - private use prospective buyers can apply for our Drive Now Pay Later option.
Price of vehicles can range from anywhere from GHS30,000 to over GHS5m, depending on the vehicle type.
You simply complete an online form below at no upfront fee and we would contact you within 2 weeks if you qualify to confirm to you if the vehicle being procured for inspection, examination (including test drive) and subsequent takeaway if satisfied. There's no obligation to take the vehicle if you're not satisfied - You can simply walk away without paying a dime, and either be put back on our waiting list or you seek your own options.
We'll NEVER ask you to make any upfront fee or deposit UNTIL the day you're picking up the car from our premises.
There's NO UPFRONT FEE when you're applying as a qualified prospective Work & Car Owner.
On the day of vehicle pickup, you're advised to come with your own mechanic to assist you with professional inspection. After satisfying yourself with the condition of the vehicle, you're required to make a minimum down-payment of GHS6,000 saloon cars
Vans and Buses are required to make a minimum down-payment of GHS10,000 and GHS20,000 respectively on the day you come for inspection and examination of the vehicle, NOT UPFRONT.
• No Upfront Fees
• Typical repayment period: 24-60 months
Fuel On Credit can be included for you
• Access to Care Now Pay Later, that allows you to cover medical bills (not covered by the NHIS) of yourself and immediate family members and pay later via instalments
• Access to Rent & Pay Monthly Accommodation
To qualify to apply for this service, you must either be a qualified driver with valid driver's licence, or a salaried worker (public or private sector), providing the following supporting documentation. You can only apply as a Salaried Worker with net monthly income above GHS2,000 or a driver with valid driver's licence.

1. Salaried Worker

- Proof of ID (passport, voter's, driver's licence, ssnit card

No guarantor required for salaried workers, but standalone driver-owner applicants must have a guarantor who should be a salaried worker in the public sector earning above GHS2,000 as net monthly salary.
2. Registered Business Owners / Self-Employed
- Registered Business MUST be at least 2yrs old and tax compliant
- MUST have Business Bank Account for your registered business - Business Bank Statement will be required
- MUST have a functioning Professional Business Website for your registered business
- Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)

3. Driver Owner
- Valid driver's licence
- Police Report
- Guarantor, who must be a Public Sector Salaried Worker who earns a regular monthly salary or income above GHS2,000 AND lives anywhere in the Greater Accra Region or Koforidua & Environs.
Permanently employed Salaried Worker - Public Sector
 Permanently Employed Salaried Worker with net monthly income above GHS2,000
 Optional / Not Required
Permanently employed Salaried Worker - Private Sector
 Permanently Employed Salaried Worker with net monthly income above GHS2,500
 Verifiable income must be at least three times potential monthly repayment amount.
 Verifiable income must be at least three times potential monthly repayment amount.
 Must have no criminal record or not be an ex-convict. Must possess a valid Driver's Licence.
  Must have no criminal record or not be an ex-convict. Must possess a valid Driver's Licence.
** Police Report requirements are waived for all existing customers of the TDG Ecosystem.


Our decision for NO UPFRONT FEE is deliberate - to boost trust and confidence, and not to entrench inefficiencies (irrelevant meetings, useless chatter, etc).

It is a crime to falsify records or submit fraudulent application to get service advantage.



Kindly complete the online form here - No Upfront Fee or Deposit Required.





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